What is JAAXY.com: Best Free Keyword Research Tool – Full 2022 Review

What is Jaaxy.com and what are the ways in which it can boost your online blogging business? Is Jaaxy the best free keyword research tool out there?

If you’re a blogger, then you know the importance of keywords. But finding the right keywords can be tricky – especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where Jaaxy comes in.

What is Jaaxy.com
What is Jaaxy.com

Jaaxy is a comprehensive keyword research tool that makes it easy to find the right keywords for your blog post. It’s fast, easy to use, and best of all, it has a free trial!

Whether you’re a beginner blogger or a pro, Jaaxy is the perfect tool for finding the right keywords for your next blog post.

Additionally, Jaaxy can help you find your niche as a beginner, understand and beat your competition, find your next domain and much more.

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Read on to discover all the ways in which Jaaxy can help you in your blogging journey, rank organically on the search engine result pages and make money online as a beginner from blogging.

What is Jaaxy.com?

Jaaxy.com is a keyword research tool that is used to find the best keywords for your website. It is a tool that includes a free trial and can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Jaaxy also provides you with information about the competition for each keyword, so you can choose the best ones for your site. Jaaxy is a great tool for any website owner or SEO professional.

Lets’s dig deeper and take a closer look into the many ways in which Jaaxy can help you with your online blogging business.

Jaaxy.com: A Comprehensive Guide To Using The Keyword Research Tool

Do you want to learn how to do better keyword research for your blog?

As a blogger, keyword research is essential if you want to drive traffic to your blog. And when it comes to keyword research tools, Jaaxy is the best of the best.

Jaaxy is easy to use and helps you find keywords that will help you rank higher in Google search results. With Jaaxy, you can see how many searches a keyword gets per month, how much competition there is for that keyword, and how easy it would be to rank for that keyword.

This is how it looks like.

The SEARCH Section

–> Keywords tab

Here is where the main magic happens.

Let’s say you are writing an article about cooking but you are not fully sure yet what to write about. Therefore, you type “cooking” in Jaaxy:

What is JAAXY.com

There are a few important metrics that we can see:

Keyword – indicates the keywords in the search query. The first keyword on top in the keyword for which the search was performed, followed by relevant additionally suggested keywords.

This is an invaluable feature! You can scroll through the list and choose a keyword that fits best what you had in mind for your new blog post.

Avg (Average number of searches) – indicates how many searches on average this keyword receives per month. This is an important metric as you would not want to target a keyword in your new blog article that nobody searches for! Therefore, the more searches the higher the chance of your article ranking.

As a rule of thumb, you would like to pick a keyword that has at least 100 average searches per month.

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Traffic – this metric indicates how many page visits your article would receive if you rank on the first page of the search engines.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – another very important metric that you need to understand. This is an indication of your competition.

The number that Jaaxy provides represents the number of other websites (your competitors) that are ranked in Google for this exact keyword. Therefore, the lower this number, the less number of competing websites that have ranked for the keyword you are targeting and the more chance for readers to find and click on your blog article rather than on a competitor one.

As a rule of thumb, you would like to pick a keyword that has at most 100 QSR as a beginner blogger.

When you are just starting out, you might want to adopt a strategy of targeting as low of a competition keywords as possible so that you can increase your chances of ranking in search results and build Google’s trust over time.

As your blog grows and so does the authority of your blog, you can then target keywords with a higher competition.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – gives an overall metric for your keyword: Green is Great, Yellow is OK and Red is Poor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – represents a score based on traffic and competition. It is a numerical representation of KQI if you want, indicating how difficult it is to rank for that specific keyword. The higher the score, the more likely you will rank on the first page of search results (scale of 1 to 100).

Domains – indicates the availability of domains that are related to your keywords. It shows whether any domains are available and if so, which ones exactly from the categories: .com .net, .org.

Here are the results for the query we performed before:

What is JAAXY.com

Based on what we have discussed above, the best keyword that suits our metrics is “free online cooking games”.

–> Alphabet Soup tab

This tab allows you to expand on your searches and find a variation or extension of your keyword. Additionally, it helps come up with more topic ideas.

Here are the results for our chosen keyword “free online cooking games”:

What is JAAXY.com

–> Saved lists tab

This tab allows you to save selected keywords that you have identified under the Keywords tab into dedicated lists.

You can create as many lists as you want. They will basically allow you to group the keywords per topic or per each article that you will write.

You can then see all related keywords to one topic in one go and pick the best one!

–> Search Analysis tab

This tab helps you perform an analysis on your competition. You can include your targeted keyword into the search bar and Jaaxy will return the exact websites and articles that are ranked on the first positions of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

This information helps you understand who exactly your competition is and what exactly that are ranking under (their articles). You can then create your own article that is better or that discusses the topic from a different angle compared to your competitors.

Or you can decide that your competition for this specific keyword is too strong (authoritative blogs and magazines for example) and quit pursuing the keyword all together.

–> Affiliate Programs tab

This returns the list of affiliate programs that are related to the term included in the search bar for Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, Click Bank. Here are the results for our term “cooking” for Click Bank:

What is JAAXY.com

As you can see, can see you get an overview of all related affiliate programs, their link, the commission rate and the Alexa.com ranking. Isn’t that a great benefit for any affiliate marketer and blogger looking to monetize a blog!

–> Brainstorm tab

This tab allows you to do just that: brainstorm ideas 🙂

Just imagine you are in a room full of smart people, brainstorming about your next blog topic. Except Jaaxy shows all the trending topics in Google and other social media platforms. Is your next blog post topic among them?

The Site Rank Section

This section is dedicated to the rank of your keywords and tracking of those ranks for various keywords over time.

For example, you have just written your article on “free online cooking games” and would therefore like to track the ranking of this keyword in Google, Bing and Yahoo now and over time.

Jaaxy can then return the current position that your website is ranked for a certain keyword and keep checking this periodically for you, automatically.

This feature can therefore help you identify those keywords that help your website rank high in search results and bring many visitors to your content compared to the keywords that are not. This way you can expand more on the successful keywords and write more content related to them.

The Affiliate Program Section

This is the affiliate program available for Jaaxy users.

Once you sign up for free and create your account, you get access to the free trial of Jaaxy and additionally to their affiliate program. You can then enjoy the free benefits and promote Jaaxy to earn affiliate commission for each sale you make! 

What is Jaaxy.com Jaaxy affiliate commissions

Attention point: Only the users that upgrade to Pro or Enterprise options can generate affiliate commissions.

The Jaaxy Help Section

This section allows for additional materials and video trainings on Jaaxy.

The Upgrade Button

Used to upgrade the membership from a Free Trial to a Pro or Enterprise versions.

As you can see, can see Jaaxy offers many features. Each of them are valuable on their own and many of them are even more valuable when used together.

Jaaxy, therefore, incorporates everything a blogger needs to run a successful blog.

Why is Jaaxy The Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

Jaaxy is the perfect tool for bloggers of all levels because it offers a wide variety of features that are both easy to use and incredibly powerful.

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With Jaaxy, you can quickly and easily find keywords that are relevant to your blog post, measure the competition for those keywords, and even see how popular they are on social media. This makes it easy to find the perfect keywords to target for your blog post, and ensures that you are able to rank high in search engines for those keywords.

Additionally, Jaaxy provides a handy keyword suggestion tool that allows you to see related keywords to the ones you are searching for. This is valuable because it gives you ideas for other topics that you could write about, and helps you to expand your blog’s reach.

Finally, Jaaxy offers a free trial so that you can try out all of its features before committing to a paid subscription. This is an excellent way to see if Jaaxy is the right keyword research tool for you.

What Do Jaaxy And Wealthy Affiliate Have In Common?

Jaaxy is incorporated in the Wealthy Affiliate membership. Below is the overview of the Wealthy Affiliate memberships and everything they include:

Wealthy Affiliate membership
Every member of Wealthy Affiliate gets instant access to Jaaxy as well. You can therefore join Wealthy Affiliate to get equipped with all the ins and outs of an online business that a successful online entrepreneur needs to posses.

How Can I try Jaaxy For Free?

If you would like to experience all the benefits that I talked about before, you can do so below:

Concluding on Jaaxy.com

As a blogger, you know that keyword research is essential for your success. You want to find the right keywords to target so you can rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo and bring in more traffic.

But doing keyword research can be time-consuming and frustrating. You waste hours poring over data, trying to figure out which keywords are worth targeting.

Jaaxy is your solution.

Jaaxy is the best free keyword research tool on the market, and it makes finding profitable keywords quick and easy. It is an excellent tool for bloggers of all levels because it offers a wide variety of features that are both easy to use and incredibly powerful.

With Jaaxy, you can find low-competition keywords that you can rank for easily. Just enter a seed keyword, and Jaaxy will return hundreds of related keywords, along with data on each keyword’s search volume, traffic potential, and more.

You can also quickly and easily find keywords that are relevant to your blog post, measure the competition for those keywords, and even see how popular they are on social media. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of features that make it an essential tool for any blogger who wants to improve their search engine ranking and drive more traffic to their website.

There’s no need to waste time with complex keyword research tools. Jaaxy makes finding the right keywords easy, so you can focus on what’s important: creating great content.

Use Jaaxy to find the best keywords for your blog posts, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in traffic and engagement.

So if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your blog, sign up for Jaaxy today and see how it can help you improve your blog traffic.

What is Jaaxy.com
What is Jaaxy.com

Are you already using Jaaxy? Let me know in the comments below!

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