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Being an affiliate marketer is probably something that I have never thought of becoming. Yet, here I am writing these lines with a smile! 🙂

My name is Tatiana and I welcome you on this page.

Probably the same as you, I am continually searching for a ‘job’ that I enjoy & love, a comfortable living and a brighter future.

I am here not because I do not have a good life or a comfortable life. But because I can do better. Because everybody can do better!

We all can do more and should strive for more!

Are you ready for YOUR life of freedom? I am happy to guide you.

Why do I want MORE and why YOU should too?

For many people that is the (final) life goal: a decent house and an okay job.

However not for me.

My freedom lies in many more things that I am eager to pursue! I am eager to make all of my dreams my reality.

I know it for a fact, that if I pursue my hobbies, my interests, if I create my dream life for myself, I will open up way more opportunities, I will meet many more great people along the way, I will travel where and whenever I want, I will have time and energy to dedicate to the really important people and the really important things in my life, etc. etc.

I also know another thing for a fact: there is abundance in the world. There is abundance of money, of time, of all bright and sunny places and wonderful people. All it takes is to put a foot in the doorway and dare to step inside.

Are you ready to put a foot in the doorway? I am happy to guide you in your journey and help make your dreams a reality as well!

The Story of Long time ago – when I was young(er)….

Growing up, the outside world just seemed so complicated and unfair. Maybe because I grew up in a former Soviet Union country. The general belief was that life is difficult, money is little and never enough, everybody wants to steal from you or somehow deceive you.

I followed the typical route of applying my parents’ advises in my daily life saintly: I was a good student at home and at school. I did what most of my friends and acquaintances did. I was working hard so that I could find a job.

I was going to find a job so that I could work hard again to earn a particular amount of money. That amount of money in my home country was so small that it was hardly enough to pay the bills and buy food.

Nowadays, I have a ‘good’ job that allows to pay the bills, buy the food and an extra ice cream. YES! I already feel I won in the ‘life battle’.

However, I know that there is more! I know it because I am living it!

There is so much more opportunity and wealth in the world. The fact that you are now reading these lines just brought you closer to it!

For the past 2 years I have embraced the journey of affiliate marketing. It has been hard work and plenty of learning. However, it was all worth it.

The road is always harder in the beginning, especially when you are new to affiliate marketing.

Nothing to worry though, as Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for complete beginners, just like I was only 2 years ago. It will provide you with all the necessary tools and information to get your skills and success off the ground in no time.

Also, the knowledge and skills you gain as part of WA program can be applied to more websites and even in a ‘traditional’ job! That sounds like a win-win to me!

Let’s win together in the freedom hustle!

Why do I Care to help YOU?

I am a firm believer that everybody deserves to be free.

Regardless of what freedom means to each of us.

Freedom for me means:

  • Having plenty of free time to enjoy the sun outside;
  • Enough money to provide for a comfortable living; and
  • More mental freedom to think about the things that really matter to me.

Freedom for you can mean totally different things. You might want:

  • More time to spend with your spouse and children, or
  • Start exercising daily and teach yoga, or
  • Finally pick up that hobby you have been putting off for so long.

Whichever your goals or motivation might be, I am here to help you along the way.

I am eager to show you that the solution I have found for myself is working. It is working for me and it will certainly work for you. Allow me to help you see it for yourself. Allow yourself a new hope for YOUR FREEDOM.

The Goal of MyFreedomHustle.com

The reason why I created MyFreedomHustle.com is to be able to reach and help as many people as possible.

I want everybody to realize the amount of opportunity that exists and is accessible to all of us.

All it takes is persistence in your work as well as loving what you do. This is where the magic comes in!

At Wealthy Affiliate you get to choose your path, your way towards your freedom.

As part of the training everybody gets to build a website, write content and use affiliate marketing. These are the tools that you cannot go without. However, the direction that you lead your website and the topics you choose to write about are all up to you!

No more bosses telling you what to do, when to do it and for how long. It is your freedom to choose this time!

Are you looking for ways to make (more) money online?

Want to be Your Own BOSS?

We Have You Covered!

Choose your path to freedom, YOUR Freedom Hustle!


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