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Are you curious about affiliate marketing? Would you also like to start making money online passively? This post will cover the Shopee affiliate program review, which aims to answer all your questions and beyond.

We will cover what Shopee is, why it is a great platform and yet why it might not be so great to promote as an affiliate marketer.

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Overview: Shopee Affiliate Program

  • Name: Shopee Affiliate Program
  • Website:
  • Founded: 5 February 2015
  • Founder: Billionaire Forrest Li
  • Headquartered and originally launched in: Singapore
  • Offer: Online digital market place (e-commerce) for mostly physical products
  • Products: Wide range, from clothing and beauty to computers and home appliances
  • Affiliate program: Yes
  • Affiliate program available in: limited countries (only 6, see below)
  • Commission level: Between 3% and 30% depending on whether the customer is new or existing
  • Overall rating: 2 out of 5
PROs of Shopee Affiliate Program
1. High Affiliate Commissions For New Customers
2. Big Variety Of Products To Promote
3. High Affiliate Commissions For New Customers
CONs of Shopee Affiliate Program
1. Shopee Affiliate Program Is Only Available In 6 Countries
2. Big Gap Between Commission For New Or Existing Customers
3. Capped Commission At Check-out Level

Does Shopee Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, Shopee does have an affiliate program for certain countries (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and The Philippines).

Shopee has a wide range of products on their platform. It is an e-commerce platform where the sellers display their products for the customers to purchase directly or via affiliate links of affiliates.

If you live in the above mentioned countries it is very likely that you might have already purchased something from them. Once you are familiar with their products and services, it is easy to start promoting and recommending them via your affiliate links and earn commissions for each sale you make.

How Do I Start An Affiliate Shopee?

There are no costs to join the affiliate program. Once you have created an account and requested to join their affiliate program you will need to wait on their acceptance decision.

To sign up, you will need a phone number or a Facebook account, Gmail account or Apple account.

Who is Shopee Affiliate Program for?

There are 2 most important conditions that you need to fulfil in order to be able to participate in Shopee affiliate program:

  1. You need to promote Shopee products only in the countries where the affiliate program is available (see above); and
  2. You need to be able to find products on the platform that are relevant to your own niche.

Additionally, it is good to get informed regarding Shopee commission levels and structure as well as payment structures and understand exactly what you can expect once you become a Shopee affiliate.

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Why Should I Become A Shopee Affiliate (Pros and Cons)?

Pros Of Shopee Affiliate Program

1. High Affiliate Commissions For New Customers

As an affiliate you can earn between 21.2% and 30% commission for each sale made to a new customer. The commissions are however much lower for existing customers (3%-4.5%)

2. Big Variety Of Products To Promote

Shopee platform offers a wide variety of mostly physical products to promote.

That also makes it more likely that some products will be part of your niche and therefore relevant for you to promote.

3. Quite Easy Application Process

The application for the Shopee affiliate program is fairly easy and straightforward, without trial periods or entrance fees.

Cons Of Shopee Affiliate Program

1. Shopee Affiliate Program Is Only Available In 6 Countries

The only countries that you can promote Shopee products via their affiliate program are: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan and The Philippines.

This is a limitation because only the people residing in these countries would purchase the products via your affiliate links.

Additionally, if you are an affiliate marketer that not does reside in any of these countries or has no affinity with them (do not know the language for example), it might be very difficult to promote Shopee products successfully.

2. Big Gap Between Commission For New Or Existing Customers

The affiliate commission is 15%-25% lower for existing buyers compared to new ones. That means that as an affiliate marketer you need to mostly focus on getting new buyers to purchase via your affiliate link.

In turn that means fewer earnings, given that the same amount of effort usually goes into bringing in new customers and existing customers.

3. Non-Recurring Commission Structure

The affiliate commission is paid only once for each of the affiliate sale made. That is less advantageous compared to recurring affiliate commissions, where the sale is made only once and the commissions keep rolling in on a monthly basis.

4. Capped Commission At Check-out Level

That means that regardless of how much a customer purchases via your affiliate link, the maximum amount of commission you can earn is capped (RM50 for Malaysia).


How Do You Get Paid On Shopee?

According to Shopee terms and conditions, the payment takes place within 60 days of the system approval.

That means that the commissions that are earned in current month, will be paid by the end of next month.

Shopee Complaints

ComplaintsBoard have registered a variety of complaints against Shopee platform.

Majority of them relate to unprofessional behavior of sellers, delivery issues and unfulfilled orders, wrong or damaged products being delivered, customer service complaints, etc.

The reason why this is important is that as an affiliate marketer it will be more difficult to promote products of a company that the customers do not like.

Additionally, you need to promote products and services of companies that you trust yourself, that you have ideally tried out yourself and are happy with.

Do I Recommend Shopee Affiliate Program?

The answer is: it depends.

The most important factors that it depends on are listed under the section “Who is Shopee Affiliate Program for?” above. Also, it depends on whether you can convince your customers of good Shopee products despite the many reported complaints (as mentioned above).

It depends also on how skilled you are in bringing new customers in consistently and skilled in affiliate marketing in general. It takes a lot of focused effort and time to attract new customers to your affiliate links.

Shopee affiliate program review
Shopee affiliate program review

Is There A Better Alternative To Shopee Affiliate Program?

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In conclusion

Overall, Shopee is a great affiliate marketing platform if you are an experienced affiliate marketer who promotes in one of the above mentioned countries and whose niche is among Shopee’s products.

However, if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and would like to learn the first steps into performing affiliate marketing correctly, Wealthy Affiliate might be a better option for you.

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