What Is an eLearning Platform: PROS & CONS

What is an eLearning platform and how can it benefit you? Why opting for online studies compared to traditional ones? Are there any disadvantages to online studying?

In our modern world, where people like to have flexibility and choice, learning online has almost become a must.

Keep reading as I will explain all the above in the following paragraphs.

What is an eLearning Platform

An eLearning platform is basically an online environment (a website) that hosts a variety of online courses, seminars and lectures. The topics will vary depending on the platform. Some of them focus on hard skills such as mathematics or programming, while others focus on soft skills such as communication and leadership.

We are so lucky for living in a time when technology has developed to the level of allowing any parts of the world to connect. But it is the same technological development that raises the expectation bar for people looking for a job, people looking hire the best in the industry and people who are hustling to become the best versions of themselves.

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It is therefore not sufficient anymore to be ‘the same as everybody else’. What is valued nowadays is each individual’s uniqueness and ability to drive change and exert leadership when necessary.

Below are some ways in which an o online learning platform can help you thrive as well as some disadvantages that come with it.

Benefits of Online Learning using an eLearning Platform

eLearning platforms have one major benefit: the fact that they are online. For some of them, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. For others a fee is required to access their premium content. Yet, the benefits of eLearning platforms can outweigh the disadvantages.

1. Flexibility

By far flexibility is one of the major advantages of studying online.

Usually on an eLearning platform the courses are pre-recorded. That means that you get to decide when to watch the class, how many classes to watch and at what pace. Heck, you can even take multiple courses at the same time!

Think about it, you can make your own schedule! If you only have time to study in the weekend, that works. If you only have a couple of hours in the weekend and a couple of hours on some weekday evenings that works too!

The eLearning platform basically adapts to your needs.

2. Adaptable to your learning style

If you are a slow learner like me, you probably have the habit of taking notes and giving yourself a second or two here and there to think about the information that you have just heard. That works out ideally with an online course!

You can pause it as often as you want, you can even (depending on the type of player used to playback the video on the platform) adjust the speed of the video! This way, you can play it quicker at let’s say 1.5x or 2x the speed if the trainer speaks too slowly for you or slow it down to 0.5x if the trainer speaks or presents too quickly.

3. Choose your class and your teacher

So you have chosen your preferred online platform to study the topic that you are interested in. You have signed up for a certain course and surprise: it doesn’t work. It just does not resonate with you.

But no worries, as you can always change the trainer and switch to a class that resonates better with you. At no cost. With no additional strings attached.

4. Multitude of courses

An online learning platform usually offers a variety of courses under its roof. Sometimes the number can go to hundreds if not thousands of courses. Regardless whether the platform is free or not, you have access to all of them.

Just imagine how much you can learn about so many topics just from only one eLearning platform.

Disadvantages of Learning Online with an eLearning Platform

As everything in life, there are some disadvantages of learning online using an eLearning platform. Here are the main concerns:

1. No recognized certification

Unless you are taking a course that is fully approved and recognized by a prestigious university or learning provider, your course will likely not provide you with any certificate or proof that is recognized in the ‘real world’.

Yet, nowadays, it is the skills and your abilities that are being valued way above your certificates. Therefore, be ready to include all the courses you take in your CV and speak proudly about them. At the end of the day, you have gained that knowledge, regardless whether you learned it at a traditional university or online via an eLeaning platform.

2. Anybody can teach online

Another disadvantage of an online platform is that almost anybody can become a teacher and pass on their skills and knowledge. While that is usually not a bad thing, you would want to check the results that person claims to have achieved (observe: not certifications) and only then decide whether he or she is indeed the person you would like to learn from,

Another way to decide upon a good teacher for you is simply to decide whether their teaching styles match your learning style. If you are like me, you would prefer a trainer who sometimes takes a step back and explains the reason behind things and gives additional examples.

3. Some eLearning platforms are not free

There are different eLearning platforms and not all of them are free. There are some platforms that are completely free, others provide a limited number of courses under their free membership, while for the last category of the platforms, the access can only be granted at the exchange of a fee.

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4. No physical live interaction

Majority of the online learning platforms would have the courses pre-recorded by their trainers and uploaded to the platform for you to watch. That in itself means that a real-time interaction with your tutor is not possible.

However, majority of eLearning platforms would allow an offline system of asking questions (a forum if you like). Also, offline the tutor would put at the disposal of the students various materials and would even provide feedback to allocated assignments.

Examples of eLearning Platforms

Some eLearning platforms are listed below:

  • LinkedIn Learning – 1 month free trial with a yearly or a monthly subscription the following months. LinkedIn is the biggest career related website, with millions of people displaying the CVs, career achievements and inspiring stories. What is great about LinkedIn Learning is that the certificate gained after taking their courses can be added directly to your CV on the website. This way the whole world would know about your newest acquired knowledge.
  • Udemy – offers free and paid courses, with additional discounts for new students.
  • Coursera – offers free and paid courses, Coursera is partnered with different universities across the world and it offers professional certificates in a range of different topics.
  • Wealthy Affiliate – offers a free 7-day trial to its platform and access to its Level 1 of “Online Enterpreneur Certification” series. That will teach you the first steps of creating an online business, while getting community help and technical support. Upgrading to Premium membership will unlock the rest of the training including additional classes on various topics relating to creating a successful business online.


Here you have it! All the benefits and the downsides of an eLearning platform are outlined above so you can make the most informed and suitable decision for you. Al you need to do, after picking the way you want to study is making sure you remain organized and persistent in your work to ensure full productivity and a more successful you.


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6 thoughts on “What Is an eLearning Platform: PROS & CONS”

  1. Hey Tatiana,

    What an excellent post describing what an eLearning platform is. I must admit I have learned a lot.

    I have my own website with my own online courses and there are a few things that I want to change/update after reading this post. I love your website too, really inspirational.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next post.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom and thank you for your comment.
      It inspires me to know that I can inspire other people, thank you for letting me know.
      Also, I think it is amazing that you have your own courses that you sell from your website. I think this is next level of blogging and I am deeply hoping that one day I can reach that level too. Let me know how your business goes and speak soon!

      Cheers, Tatiana

  2. Hi Tatiana,
    After reading your article on eLearning platforms, I remembered taking several paid courses at Udemy, and must say they were well worth the cost. Udemy is economical anyway, and as you say, you can pause, and come back when you have time. Very convenient.

    And you also mention Wealthy Affiliate. Now that is the #1 learning platform on the planet! It’s the biggest bang for your buck anywhere. I am a member, and have been there since 2015. I have no intention of going anywhere else. Simply because I can find information on anything I want to know about Online Marketing.
    And it works the same way. You can learn on your own terms, rewind videos, and trainings as much as you need to get complete understanding.
    Thank you for introducing this valuable information to everyone!

    • Hello Chas and thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      I need to admit I have never taken a course from Udemy but just like you, I am a convinced fan of Wealthy Affiliate!
      I have been a member since 2019 and definitely everything I know is due to them.
      I also love how interactive the platform is, there is written and video content, there is the community that provides the help and support when needed and not to forget the invaluable technical support that have saved my website a few times already 🙂

      Best of luck!

  3. Hi Tatiana,

    Thanks a lot for sharing the pros & cons of an e-learning platform. I’ve tried some of them and can vouch for all the advantages you mentioned here. The biggest plus is that you can learn at any time, anywhere, and at your own pace. It’s not like traditional schooling, but more suitable for every different student. I am very interested in an online business, so I will look at your recommendation very soon.


    • Hi Matt and thank you for your comment.
      Happy to hear that you have recognised the benefits mentioned and that my article can help you in your journey to a successful online business.

      All the best,


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