LeadsArk affiliate marketing review – Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re interested in making money online. Are you considering LeadsArk affiliate marketing program? If so, in this LeadsArk affiliate marketing review I’ll talk about how it works, the commission structure, and what’s required to become an affiliate.

I’ll also give my opinion on whether it’s a good program to join. So if you’re curious about LeadsArk, keep reading!

General Overview:

Official website: https://leadsark.com/

Type of offer: Digital

Offered opportunities for: Students, Affiliates

Product Overview: LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing

Commission level: up to 75%

What will you be promoting: Online courses

Application criteria: None, however you need to have purchased one of their courses

What is LeadsArk?

Making money online is a dream for many people, but it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many programs and opportunities out there that it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for you. And if you do find a program, how can you be sure it’s legitimate?

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An overview of LeadsArk

LeadsArk is an e-learning platform that teaches people how to generate leads through online platforms for businesses (social media) in India.

There are only three products offered: LeadsArk Lite, LeadsArk Standard and LeadsArk Pro. Each of these products promises to teach its students how to generate leads that will ultimately turn into sales and money.

The program also offers a 24 hours refund policy. That means that after the purchase of the course, the students have 24 hours to request a refund via the e-mail address: leadsark@gmail.com. After 24 hours from the purchase, no refunds are possible.

Refunds are excluding the payment gateway fee of 2% of the paid amount and processing fee of 5% of the paid amount. This means you will still loose 7% of the paid money, even if you request a refund within the specified time frame.

LeadsArk course structure

See below the structure of each of these prerecorded courses:

LeadsArk course structure

A few personal remarks on the courses as outlined above:

  • Lite teaches how to generate qualified leads for any product while Standard teaches how to generate 25-30 highly qualified leads. Is the Standards not applicable to any product? Are the leads generated by Lite of a ‘lower quality’ compared to the ones generated by Standard?
  • Lite generates leads organically, don’t Standard and Pro generate them organically too?
  • Standard is included in Pro, is Lite included in Standard as well? (If you watch the video you can find out that it is indeed included).
  • Pro includes continuous updates, are Lite and Standard not updated?
  • Standard includes 8 bonuses worth $1,192, Pro includes huge bonuses. Huge compared to what?

How much do LeadsArk courses cost?

See below an overview of LeadsArk course prices:

How much do LeadsArk courses cost

One personal remarks on the courses as outlined above:

  • Please notice the column in yellow, which indicates the launch price of the courses. The prices will therefore double in price in the future. That is not good news given the complaint on the price being too high already and the quality of the courses not being in line with the price tag (see the section on Complaints below).

How to use LeadsArk to make money online?

LeadsArk offers its own affiliate marketing program.

That means that once you have purchased the product, tested it out for yourself and considered it to be a good product, you can then recommend it to other people via your affiliate link and earn an affiliate commission.

Pros and cons of using LeadsArk for affiliate marketing


Commission Structure (see also as a CON)

The commission structure for LeadsArk is 70% to 75%, which is pretty high in the affiliate marketing world (just like Bizgurukul affiliate marketing program). In order to become an affiliate, you do need to purchase one of the products (Lite, Standard, or Pro).

There are only three products offered, which limits the amount of potential earnings. However, as the website claims, if you are able to generate a lot of leads and sales, the commission could add up quickly.

Requirement to purchase one of the courses (see also as a CON)

In order to become an affiliate for LeadsArk, you’ll need to purchase one of their products first. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link to promote their products.

You can then use the knowledge gained in the prerecorded course (that you have previously purchased) to generate leads and ultimately sales. If someone uses your link to purchase a product, you’ll earn a commission.


Commission Structure

Below is an overview of the commission that you can earn:

LeadsArk commission structure

Tier-1 means direct sales (that you made directly via your affiliate links), Tier-2 means indirect sales (made by people who bought the courses via your affiliate link already).

If you have purchased the Lite product, you become a Silver affiliate. That means that for every affiliate sale you make, regardless of the product you sell, you earn Rs 1,500.

Doing the math: If you sell a Pro product (Rs 7,000 – launch price) as a Silver affiliate, you make Rs 1,500 in commission. Therefore, 1,500/7,000 = 21.4%. This is not in line with the commission level of 70% – 75% indicated on the LeadsArk website.

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Requirement to purchase one of the courses

Following on the advantage above, having to purchase the courses first can also be seen as a disadvantage. Although it is always recommended trying out the product you are promoting first, it is not always required for affiliates to purchase the promoted products (or at least it should not be made mandatory).

Main complaints about LeadsArk affiliate marketing program

When looking at whether LeadsArk affiliate program is a scam or not, let’s consider the complaints that have been reported so far.

Complaint 1: Bad quality of the courses

Some sources claim that the value as provided by the courses on the platform is not worth the price tag set on them. This comes in comparison with freely available information (of the same quality) on other (free) platforms like YouTube for example.

Additionally, there have been complaints not only about the quality of the course itself but also the quality of the video recording.

It is therefore worth considering whether it is smart to invest and promote a course that has these complaints about its core products.

Complaint 2: Refund policy

There have been reported complaints on their refund policy. Some people indicate that 24 hours refund window is not big enough while others indicate that they have been misled by the earning opportunities of the platform. They claim that it is a scam because the platform takes money from its students (for the courses) to then tell the students/affiliates to take money from other people in order to gain the commission.

Complaint 3: No trial option

LeadsArk does not offer any free trial period in which the students/affiliates can get familiar with the platform and decide later on whether to upgrade or not (as Wealthy Affiliate does).

Is LeadsArk a good program to join?

I think that the LeadsArk affiliate marketing program is a good program to join if you’re looking for high commissions (please see my section on commissions and contradicting information on LeadsArk website) and want to learn how to generate leads and sales. The courses are prerecorded, meaning that you can watch them and learn in your own time. Additionally, once purchased, you get instant access to them.

However, I do think that the refund policy could be better and I don’t like that there’s no trial period.

My personal choice is the Affiliate Program from Wealthy Affiliate

If you are looking for an alternative to LeadsArk affiliate marketing program, have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review. This platform is by far my personal preference when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a considerably more comprehensive educational program than LeadsArk does, as well as a wider range of courses, from organized learning pathways to almost daily lessons on everything there is to know about internet marketing, content creation, and running an online business. It has both prerecorded classes and live classes (which are recorded as well and can be re-watched later on). Once signed up on Wealthy Affiliate, you get instant access to a selection of classes and a welcome message personally from me 🙂

The biggest benefit of Wealthy Affiliate is that it provides a free membership, allowing you to test out the offer before signing up. WA has no contracts or responsibilities, making it an excellent alternative for individuals who are willing to learn about internet business and marketing.

Additionally, compared to LeadsArk which has the main learning focus on creation of leads through social media, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on content creation. According to WA, content is king and it is that content that will generate organic leads coming from Google or Bing. Wealthy Affiliate also includes a variety of courses on SEO, social media marketing (YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram), email marketing, branding, etc.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a community of people that are eager to learn, just like you and me. You can ask your questions, you can post your updates and simply make amazing friends among the WA community.

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review post for more details.

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Final Thoughts on LeadsArk affiliate marketing review

Though LeadsArk affiliate marketing program has some good qualities, such as high commissions and prerecorded courses, there are also some disadvantages. I think that the refund policy is inadequate, and I don’t like the fact that there is no free trial. In my opinion, there are better options available.

Wealthy Affiliate, for example, offers a free membership with more comprehensive educational programs and a wider range of courses. Additionally, compared to LeadsArk which focuses mainly on social media leads, Wealthy Affiliate focuses on content creation. I believe that this is a more effective way to generate leads and sales.

Finally, Wealthy Affiliate has an active and supportive community of people who are eager to learn, just like you and me. You can ask your questions, you can post your updates and simply make amazing friends among the WA community. For these reasons, I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over LeadsArk affiliate marketing program.


Is it good to invest in LeadsArk?

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to say if LeadsArk is good or bad. Different people have different needs and they may find different programs to be more beneficial than others.

For example, if you are based in India you might be more likely to trust Indian tutors compared to Canadian/American ones (as is the case for Wealthy Affiliate).

Regardless, one thing that should be considered is whether it offers a satisfaction guarantee/return policy. Most reputable programs do offer this as an option but with LeadsArk, there is no such guarantee.

Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, does offer a free membership so you can test out the program before making any decisions. Additionally, WA has no contracts or responsibilities (you do not need to spend a penny if you don’t want to), making it an excellent alternative for individuals who are willing to learn about internet business and marketing.

Is LeadsArk a scam?

At this time, there is no definitive answer as to whether LeadsArk is a scam. Some people have reported good results with the program, while others have said that they were unable to receive the refund they requested and the quality of the courses was bad.

It is important to do your research before investing in any program, and to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to speak with other people who have used the program in order to get a more well-rounded perspective.

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4 thoughts on “LeadsArk affiliate marketing review – Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Program”

  1. Thanks for this LeadsArk affiliate marketing review, really detailed with all the necessary information.
    It was interesting to read, but I’m not thinking about trying LeadsArk.
    I also joined the Wealthy Affiliate some time ago, and I’m really very pleased.
    It really is great advice to check what others think about a particular program before you join.

    • Hi Nina and thank you for your thoughts.
      I am also very happy so far with WA platform in terms of training, support, technical support and all the other features and added value that they provide.
      This is really an everything included place for aspiring entrepreneurs.

      Regards, Tatiana

  2. Hi Tatiana,

    I’ve been looking into leadsark and am glad that I found your review.

    I can’t understand how they have such a complicated refund policy!? It would seem as if they don’t really want to offer a refund.

    Still, I like that they have an up to 75% commission payout rate. This is something that I can see a lot of people flocking to promote it.

    For me, I prefer to promote more high-quality products rather than something of low value because I want people to keep going with my future recommendations.

    Anyways, I’m thankful that you did thorough research and presented it here. It helps a lot.

    All the best.

    • Hi Jason and thank you for your comment.
      Personally I stand by the belief that there is a platform for everybody out there.
      I believe LeadsArk has its flaws yet it also has advantages and benefits that certainly are speaking to some people out there.
      I think the mere fact that it was founded by an Indian person it must mean that it speaks better to other Indian people.

      I am happy my article helped you make your decision. Good luck!


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